Ventillation and Cooling System

We design, supply and apply the most economical ventilation and cooling system:
Air Inlet and Light Traps:

A)Static Pressure Air Inlet:
Our Air Inlets feature patented counterbalanced louvers that open from the TOP instead of the bottom. Air is directed
towards the peak of the house, utilizing the heat collected at the peak. Eliminates curtain and baffle pulley and cable
management required with traditional winter inlet systems.

B) Motorized Poultry Air Inlets:
Motorized Air inlet valve is made of high
quality polyurethane foam.Flange model with flange on the front side for almost all cases.
Divided air directions: upto 35% airenters onlyfrom the upperside;above 35% also from the bottom side.
Also available with flange on the back side. Special large model for those cases where l
arge ventilation capacities are required.Also available with straight inner flap

C- Light Traps
They are made of high quality and resistence material which assure the the right reduction performance of light.In addition to the above, we can supply and apply the special windows for Poultry Houses as well as the curtains.