Lighting systems:

We supply and install The Best Light for Your Poultry:

Glass Tubel High Frequent Fluorescent Light
Our light is the perfect light for your poultry. It has outstanding technical performances, excellent light distribution and with ‘Comfort light’ you will get the best out of your poultry.
1. 100% dust and air tight, no influence of ammonia.
2.Water tight to 1meter below water (IP67)
3. Attracts no dust, due to glass tube
4. Dimmer capability of lights from 100% down to 0.7%.
5. Equipped with the most modern high frequency electronic ballas.
6. No disco-effect due to high frequent ballast.
7. Very low energy consumption.
8. Depending on the application you can choose.for the following options:

•Basic does illuminate light all around, perfect for batteries.
•Standard reflector: will bring a lot of light down, not suited for poultry.
•Double reflector: will give a perfect equal light distribution, with just a few lights!

The following systems can be supplied ,as well:

1. Hi frequent Fluorescent Light
2. Compact Fluorescent lamps