Heating Systems:

A) Air Heaters :
1.Operated using Gas and/ or Diesel.
2.Available as hanging, mobile, and fixed,
3.Safe and reliable, .
4.Made with first quality materials, Designed to last long and grant maximum efficiency.
5.Supplied ready to use and equipped with all necessary attachments,
6.100% Stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchange
7.Wide cover for a complete cleaning
8.Pre-painted galvanized steel frame

B) Direct or Indirect Air Heater
Stainless steel, high quality componenets, and reliable design

C) Infra Red Heaters
IR Heater is the best for poultry and agricultural application
1. They are dual-stage heaters are designed.for poultry and non-corrosive agricultural environments.
2. Proven construction features assure reliable performance in non-corrosive environments with added two-stagetis operationa lbenefit.
3. Performance and flame distribution are enhanced by the use of a stainless steel 'swirl' burner.
4. Radiant output is optimized with high polished aluminum reflectors and optional coated aluminized steel heat exchangers.
5. Standard features include dual-stageoperation, hot surface ignition, indicatorlights, and most mounting accessories.
6. It features a microprocessor-based circuit board with soft-lockout and self-diagnostic capabilities.

D) Air Mixer
To eliminate all the expected problems of relative humidity increase,CO2,etc..
To assure the right heat distribution, it is positioned in front of the air heater.