Our products

  • The latest Innovation by Novus Premium Blend Technology Protected Benzoic acid and nature identical flavoring compounds with gradual release in target areas to prevent bacterial digestive disorders. Stable, dustless, non-corrosive and free flowing. By Novus

  • Powerful Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal additive in the feed. Based on stable Formaldehyde and Propionic Acid. Maintains hygiene of feed and feed facilities with continuous effect. By Novus

  • Heat stable pure protease with 600,000 U/gm minimum. Also includes spores of Bacillus lichneformis. By Novus

  • Non corrosive and Biodegradable water system cleaner (Biofilm remover)

  • Quick start of one day old chicks to find feed and water leading to 10 gm extra weight gain in 1st. week of life.

  • Liquid powerful bactericidal, virucidal & fungicidal ready to be used in drinking water. Based on Propionic acid, Formic acid and Formaldehyde. Powerful against, Salmonella, Clostridium Spp., Cloiforms, Klebsiella,…..etc. with continues effect. By Novus

  • MHA

    84% Mthionine Hydroxy Analogue 12% highly digestible organic calcium Anti-microbial properties of an organic acid salt By Novus