Our products

  • Design your own premix with us. Made in Germany

  • The synergestic probiotic for poultry in drinking water. High concentration of probiotics to stimulate digestion and prevent Clostridia. Amazing dilution of 100 gm per 1000 liter of drinking water. Made in Germany

  • All Natural product based on essential oils to support respiratory system

  • Heat stable pure protease with 600,000 U/gm minimum. Also includes spores of Bacillus lichneformis to stimulate intestinal integrity and immune response. By Novus

  • Mono Calcium Phosphate (MCP) 22.7%

  • Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP) 18%

  • Liquid complementary feed to provide Vit. E and Selenium for all animals. Made in Germany

  • 50/5/30/100. Made in Germany

  • Liquid complementary feed to provide additional vit. A, D3, E, C, K3 , B vitamins, Biotin, Folic Acid and essential amino acids for all animals. The rich formula. Made in Germany

  • Liquid complementary feed to provide chicken with mineral salts and trace elements. Improves egg shell and bones. Made in Germany