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  • Fully Integrated Projects: 1. Farms for Broiler, Breeders, layers, and Animals. 2. Feed Mill Plants. 3.Hatchery 4. Slaughter Houses and Processing Plants 5. Refrigeration and Cold Rooms/stores. 6. Others related. We offer for our client the following services: 1. Feasibility studies and project design 2. Rightselection of equipment and facilities according to the best practices to assure getting the right value of the equipments and systems selected and installed. 3. Technical Consultancy 4. Erection, installation and commissioning 5.After sale services 7days 24hours

  • Waste generated in Poultry and Animal Farms ,Slaughterhouses and Meat -Processing Facilities include dead animal carcasses and remaining portions. These type of wastes cause problems in the facility and also to the environment. Therefore, they have to be handled with reliable processes. For this purpose, incineration systems are used. We supply stationary, rotary and grate type incinerators for the disposal of animal waste. The capacity of the incineration system may range from 25 kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr. Our Incineration System is the right solution to complete your Bio-security program and to meet the government regulations and to participate in the environment sustainability. Very durable, reliable, trustful, and efficient equipment due to high quality of components and unique design.

  • We supply very advanced, accurate and robust weighing solutions for feed and poultry: -Mechanical Feed Weighing System Mechanical Feed Weighing System - Electronic feed Weighing System . - Automatic Poultry Weighing System. - Electronic Manual Scale. They are simple and easy to install, use, and maintain.


    •We control the ventilation,cooling,heating,humidity,feeding,water consumption, lightin ,etc.
    •It works as an effective and reliable alarm and remote control system.
    •It works as a Poultry Farm MIS to support making the right decision on the right time.

  • We supply and install The Best Light for Your Poultry: Glass Tubel High Frequent Fluorescent Light Our light is the perfect light for your poultry. It has outstanding technical performances, excellent light distribution and with ‘Comfort light’ you will get the best out of your poultry. 1. 100% dust and air tight, no influence of ammonia. 2.Water tight to 1meter below water (IP67) 3. Attracts no dust, due to glass tube 4. Dimmer capability of lights from 100% down to 0.7%. 5. Equipped with the most modern high frequency electronic ballas. 6. No disco-effect due to high frequent ballast. 7. Very low energy consumption. 8. Depending on the application you can choose.for the following options: •Basic does illuminate light all around, perfect for batteries. •Standard reflector: will bring a lot of light down, not suited for poultry. •Double reflector: will give a perfect equal light distribution, with just a few lights! The following systems can be supplied ,as well: 1. Hi frequent Fluorescent Light 2. Compact Fluorescent lamps

  • CeLPad The more efficient cooling pad Them or eeffective solution for evaporative cooling and humidification.Very hot and very dry climates could have devastating effects on productivity of livestock productivity, plants, and humans. Evaporative cooling has proven to be oneof the most reliable and economical methods to maintain optimum temperature and humidity. 1. CeLPad is what you need for your evaporative cooling system , 2. When hot and dryair is induced through the wet CeLPad, it will be cooled down and humidified. 3. Our long experience in designing evaporative systems ensures that CeLPad can make evaporative systems simpler & efficient. The CeLPad Advantages Maximum Efficiency- CeLPad is designed to provide maximum contact surface between air and water (approximately 460m2/m3). Such massive surface enables an optimum cooling and humidification effect from evaporation.Maximum Freshness - CeLPad acts as a natural filter that purifies inlet air. Carefully designed flute angle directs water towards both the air inlet and outlet side;the water then intrinsically flushes away dust,algae,and mineral build upon the evaporation surfaces. Maximum Durability - CeLPad is made of special cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble chemical compounds to preserve its long working life in your system. Maximum Toughness: CeLPad,with proper water bleed-off and regular brushing, can be used in imperfect water and air condition Extreme condition requires more extreme measurement CeLPad"Black+"is developed especially for harsh and tough condition. Special "Black+" protective coating prevents CeLPad surface from constantly exposing to extreme environment such as dirt sandstorm and risk of bacterial and algae growth " Black+" protective coating is also durable environment such as dirt,sandstorm,and risk of bacterial and algae growth.Black+ protective coating is also durable and strong enough for frequent surface cleaning.

  • Tunnel Fans: 1.Our fan is entirely manufactured with anti-corrosive materials, 2. It is specsialy designed without whirling zones to avoiddeposits of dusts, impurities or any other particles that can be present in different movements thus eliminating tedious maintenance. 3. The new innovative patented body casing structure made of polyethlene assures the robust solid construction,absence ofvibration reducednoiselevel and resistence to ultra violet rays absence of vibration,reduced noise level,andresistence to ultra violet rays. 4. Six stainless steel blade fan with specialblade profile in order to increase air flow of low RPM and reducing noise level and power consumtion. 5. Simple to mount fan body casing 6.Unique electrical motor studied carefuly for our fan to withstand the tough conditions and to ensure the high performance 7. Easy internal trapezoidal belt adjustment with special belt stretcher. Cone Fans are also available DIFFERENT MODELS AND DIFFERENT CAPACITIES CAN BE SUPPLIED

  • We design, supply and apply the most economical ventilation and cooling system: Air Inlet and Light Traps: A)Static Pressure Air Inlet: Our Air Inlets feature patented counterbalanced louvers that open from the TOP instead of the bottom. Air is directed towards the peak of the house, utilizing the heat collected at the peak. Eliminates curtain and baffle pulley and cable management required with traditional winter inlet systems. B) Motorized Poultry Air Inlets: Motorized Air inlet valve is made of high quality polyurethane foam.Flange model with flange on the front side for almost all cases. Divided air directions: upto 35% airenters onlyfrom the upperside;above 35% also from the bottom side. Also available with flange on the back side. Special large model for those cases where l arge ventilation capacities are required.Also available with straight inner flap C- Light Traps They are made of high quality and resistence material which assure the the right reduction performance of light.In addition to the above, we can supply and apply the special windows for Poultry Houses as well as the curtains.

  • A) Air Heaters : 1.Operated using Gas and/ or Diesel. 2.Available as hanging, mobile, and fixed, 3.Safe and reliable, . 4.Made with first quality materials, Designed to last long and grant maximum efficiency. 5.Supplied ready to use and equipped with all necessary attachments, 6.100% Stainless steel combustion chamber and heat exchange 7.Wide cover for a complete cleaning 8.Pre-painted galvanized steel frame B) Direct or Indirect Air Heater Stainless steel, high quality componenets, and reliable design C) Infra Red Heaters IR Heater is the best for poultry and agricultural application 1. They are dual-stage heaters are designed.for poultry and non-corrosive agricultural environments. 2. Proven construction features assure reliable performance in non-corrosive environments with added two-stagetis operationa lbenefit. 3. Performance and flame distribution are enhanced by the use of a stainless steel 'swirl' burner. 4. Radiant output is optimized with high polished aluminum reflectors and optional coated aluminized steel heat exchangers. 5. Standard features include dual-stageoperation, hot surface ignition, indicatorlights, and most mounting accessories. 6. It features a microprocessor-based circuit board with soft-lockout and self-diagnostic capabilities. D) Air Mixer To eliminate all the expected problems of relative humidity increase,CO2,etc.. To assure the right heat distribution, it is positioned in front of the air heater.

  • High Quality and Durability o Hot galvanized support structure o Heavy duty feed troughs with high quality galvanization o High quality galvanization treatment on meshing o Sturdy top-end unit structures Drinking System We use nipple type with or without drip cups . Feeding System Feeding Hopper and Flat Chain systems are available Comfort Manure Removing System A stainless Steel Scraper is used to drop the manure on the floor pit, then removed with traditional scraper to out side pit Comfort Ventilation Multiple blowers system for manure dehydration and ventilation for the birds. This system provides air distribution to all cages on all tiers equally Egg Trasnport conveyors and egg Collection system is in our range as well.