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  • Our Principal’s experience and engineering continue to bring to it’s clients: 1. A complete watering system 2. Maintenance free reliability, 3. Providing for large healthy birds and dry floors. 4.High quality of Stainless steel isuse 5. Available with or without drip cups 6. Every system is backed by our generous warranty program, and It consists of drinking elements, presure regulators, flush breat her, suspension material, main water supply( pressure reducing valve, water filter, and medicator), Hi Pressure Dosing pumps, Medication tank, etc Our Drinking Solution MEANS Healthy Chicks and Efficient Operation

  • 1. Excellent Feed Flow! -A good mass flow is guaranteed. -Fiber glass silos surface in high quality raw materials -Hopper plates without obstruction 1.Keep feed fresh and nutritious! -SIDS are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic which guarantee the best in heat insulation, absolute impermeability and chemical internees against atmospheric agents and acid in general -Other type of Feed Bins is the ideal structure to protect feed from weather. The weather tight die formed roof has reinforced ribs at the seams for added strength and ease of assembly. Warp resistant top lid closes tight to keep out it moisture . Bin bolts have a built-in weather seal and dripped keeps water away from the taper hopper and unloading boot. This bin uses a 67 degree taper hopper and is offset to allow smooth feed flow. Corrugated bin sheets are made of heavy gauge G-90 galvanized steel, with die formed legs. 1. Durable and maintenance friendly due to solid construction! 2. Wide range of capacities from 3.9 M³ to 49.8 M³ 3. Pneumatic or mechanical filling

  • Our chain feeding system is designed to ensure the excellent feed flow then even feed distribution and same feed access for all birds. More egg production and the best feed conversion will Ba attained with our system. Robust and durable system due to the highest quality of materials, while as for the operation efficiency will be to the highest level based on a unique design and technical features. Components: 1. Stainless Steel drive units for our chain conveyor complete with gear motor, 2. Reinforced-fiberglass casing that competely enclouses the drive unit, 3. Loading hopper with spiral actuaded by chain 4. Stainless Steel load hopper with cover and reinforced- fiberglass silo connection. 5. Corners 90° both aluminium and plastic 6. Electrical board for automatic control of the equipment

  • Our system: Is Reliable and Simply Designed, Is Enhancing the Performance, Is Assuring the high Feeding efficiency, Is Saving the Money and Guaranteeing the quickest pay back. It’s Features: 1. The spiral feeding line is complete with STAINLESS STEEL drives unite 2. STAINLESS STEEL load hopper with electronic limit switch 3. STAINLESS STEEL Intermediate limit switch positioned over the pan 4.A SPECIAL DISPENSING SYSTEM which avoids wasting any feed 5. Our Pan is made of SPECIAL TOUGH and VERSION PLASTIC, 6. It is IMPACT-PROOF & EXTREMELY RESISTENT for the cleaning products 7. The Pan is easy to mount, dismount and clean 8. The contol of feed level is so easy for each single pan and the feed is evenly distributed 9.Our Pan is composed of FIVE different elements: 10. The PAN, which feature a special shapes designed to avoid the waste, 11. The ADJUSTMENT DEVICE , that dispense the feed accurately, 12. TheGRATE, which designed to ensure easy access and featuring a special spill-proof edge. 13. The CENRTAL TOWERand the product leveling WINGS with a pull-out end piece to hook up the cable designed to stop the chicken from climbing on to the feeder. The Feeding System consistes of : 1. Stainless steel Feed hopper complete with electronic limit switch 2. Flex screw complete with stainless steel drive unit, 3.High quality and regid tubes and augesrs, 4. high and guarantedd quakity Lifting and suspensition material With our system the feed is aways FRESH and Clean so you will get better meat quality and yield

  • PREFABRICATED STEEL BUILDING-All the structure is protected from the corrosion to assure: Life Longest and free maintenance Quick pay pack and high ROI Optimal Poultry Environment then the best FCR you will ever get ROOF COVERING-Prefabricated sandwich panels formed as follows : Corrugated upper steel sheet , galvanised upper and down and polyester painted on the external & internal side. Rigid polyurethane foam insulation, high pressure polyurethane inside with density = 40 kg/m³. WALLS-The walls cladding is made by prefabricated sandwich panels formed as follows : External steel sheet galvanised and polyester painted on the external side. Rigid polyurethane foam insulation, high pressure polyurethane inside with density = 40 kg/m³. Internal steel sheet galvanised and polyester painted on the internal side. SERVICE ROOMS-The walls claddingis made by prefabricated sandwich panels formed follows: External steel sheet galvanised and polyester painted on the external side. Rigid polyurethane foam insulation, high pressure polyurethane inside with density = 40 kg/m³. Internal steel sheet galvanised and polyester painted on the internal side. DOORS-Best Quality and Durable Doors: 1.Double leaves, in the middle of the front head wall. 2.Insulated doors, single leaf, with inspection window, to enter the breeding room from the two service rooms. 3.Insulated doors, single leaf, to enter the two service rooms from outside. 4.Insulated doors, single leaf,to enter the two cooling corridors. 5.Insulated door, double leaves, on one side wall, close to the back head wall. 6.Insulated doors, single leaf, on one side wall, close to the back head wall COOLING CORRIDORS-The supply includes 1.External cooling corridors with roof covering and wall scladding made by galvanized and painted steels heet 2. Galvanized and pre-painted steel sheets for the protection of the cooling panels against wind and sun, fixed on galvanized steel frames and M. 15 + 15 of anti-sand mesh.

  • Powerful emulsifier action to manage moisture retention & improve feed pellet durability Reduces feed production cost through energy & steam saving By Novus

  • The latest Innovation by Novus Premium Blend Technology Protected Benzoic acid and nature identical flavoring compounds with gradual release in target areas to prevent bacterial digestive disorders. Stable, dustless, non-corrosive and free flowing. By Novus

  • Powerful Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal additive in the feed. Based on stable Formaldehyde and Propionic Acid. Maintains hygiene of feed and feed facilities with continuous effect. By Novus

  • Heat stable pure protease with 600,000 U/gm minimum. Also includes spores of Bacillus lichneformis. By Novus

  • Non corrosive and Biodegradable water system cleaner (Biofilm remover)