Our products

  • The perfect industrial sanitizer Based on Gluteraldehyde, Formaldehyde and Quaternary Ammonium making it broad spectrum sanitizer. Unaffected by hard water and non corrosive making it the perfect choice for all construction materials like slaughter houses, hatcheries,…etc.

  • Based on high concentration of Gluteraldehyde & Quaternary Ammonium. DEFRA approved wide spectrum general purpose disinfectant for Poultry diseases and Avian Influenza. High foaming with prolonged properties.

  • DEFRA approved Iodine concentrate 2.8% Non staining with color indicator warns when dips become ineffective.

  • Revolutionary product based of combination of special essential oils (9 ingredients). Stimulates appetite, promotes secretion of digestion enzymes, stabilization of intestinal micro flora and improves respiratory system. Made in Germany

  • Oligosaccharides, Copper chelates & organic acids based unique product Stimulates Digestive system, significant reduction in use of Antibiotics, stimulates immunity and resistance.

  • The 2 in 1 winning formula (Organic Acids + Methionine): -High source of Methionine - Prevention of bacterial digestive disorders By Novus

  • Based on Omega 6 & 3 Nutritional Solutions Prevention of Ketosis, Increase of Milk production and 15 more calves/100 cows

  • Granulated new generation of stable rumen bypass fat Increases digestibility with modified Lecithin Increases milk production

  • Efficient rumen conditioning for optimum productivity Prevents sub-acute ruminal acidosis & Maintains optimum rumen pH Reduces Methane losses & Optimizing total volatile fatty acids Greater milk yield with better milk solids

  • Fully Integrated Projects: 1. Farms for Broiler, Breeders, layers, and Animals. 2. Feed Mill Plants. 3.Hatchery 4. Slaughter Houses and Processing Plants 5. Refrigeration and Cold Rooms/stores. 6. Others related. We offer for our client the following services: 1. Feasibility studies and project design 2. Rightselection of equipment and facilities according to the best practices to assure getting the right value of the equipments and systems selected and installed. 3. Technical Consultancy 4. Erection, installation and commissioning 5.After sale services 7days 24hours