About us

Who we are
We are a Regional Agriculture-Specialized Company located in Jordan and has it it’s s branches/sub distributors in most of the
countries in the Middle East; such as SaudiaArabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, etc.. Our range of products
includes most of what animal farmers may need, in addition to some range related to the dairy, food and beverage industries.


Our Vision

To Be Your First Choice of Source, As You Are Ours. serve our target We customers in Agriculture sector, Animal Rearing and
Production, Food and Beverage Industry in Arab Countries to provide them with their needs from the point of constructing and
building sate of arts farms and plants, supplying and installing the Hi Tech of facilities, equipments , and machineries , and the
superior quality of raw materials, animal health materials, parts and disposables, in order to support them to run their business and
attain their targets of ROI and p profitability.


Our Mission
We are found to supply and install, on Turnkey basis, with whatever our customers need to construct their farms and plants and the
necessary quality materials to run their investment.



Our Principles and Values

1.Compliance with the conduct of ethics in all what we do and say.
2. No room to jeopardize our quality and service performance to face the price competition.
3. Corporate customer satisfaction is our first concern.
4. We don’t only sell products, but also provide technical support and service.
5. Personal guarantee to what we supply will meet our client client’s s expectations.



Our Philosophy

No business will sustain and grow unless there is a commitment to a win-win situation with our clients as well as our principals
which assures the long term fruitfull mutual relationship.



Our Quality Policy

We offer top quality at very affordable rates by relying on the strict quality assurance procedures that cover the entire supply chain; from the point
of source till the client’s field as follows:
1.Our partners are ISO,TQM,GMP certified
2. Selecting the right source of supply depends on thorough evaluation to assure the right quality and service, of course the sustainability.
3. Our suppliers welcome the inspection visits, and accept the pre shipment analysis,Extending g our efforts to support our clients in how to use our p products and to install and commission our systems to ensure the right performance to get the expected results.



Our Partners

We rely on high reliable and worldwide leading sources and a wide network of sub distributors in several countries: Jordan, Syria, KSA, Egypt,
UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Lybia,Oman,Yemen,Iraq,Iran, etc..


Our History

A strong and rich experience of the company partners in both Animal Health and Poultry Farms, Hatcheries, Processing Plants, slaughter Houses,
etc for more than 20 years have been the major driver toward putting them under the disposal of Poultry farmers and integrators, and Diaries
Companies in order to work together with all potential customers whom we invite to give us the opportunity to show them our products and services and then  to what extent they will happy with our solutions.



Why We Are

1.High quality and value for money will be achieved.
2. Performance and service will exceed your expectations.
3. Efficiency and quick Return on Investment will be of your main achievements.
4. Technical advice and support will be always at your hand whenever you need.
5. After Sale Service is to the level will justify your decision to choose us as your partner.